We are specialists in roof especially large hall buildings

Air turbine

Work without mediation energy exclusively based on physical laws. The warm air inside the building due to chimney effect pushes out of the building and spins the turbine and ventilation. The imposition on quality bearings sufficient to spin turbines slightest breeze. If necessary (rain, cold) turbine can be shut off by a mechanical valve. The turbines are installed depending on the volume vented space. According to customer needs we choose the optimal type and number of turbines. 

Ventilation wings

Hotels are a standard feature for ventilation through skylights. The design of the wings is identical with the structure of the skylight, ie. uses the same aluminum profiles and polycarbonate. As an opener is normally used on electric stroke 300mm with optional connection to a PBX with wind sensors - rain. Ventilation wings can be after completion RWA - the mechanism used also to vent smoke and heat. Standard width of the flap is 990 mm, length 2000 mm (height vent hole), it is possible to make the agreement of the other dimensions.



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