Skylights serves primarily as a translucent element of industrial buildings. Anchor above the level of the roof deck skylight curbs on optional height. The standard version is skylights Spot (horizontal shape) or the seat belt or arc.

We also offer companies manufacture, repair and reconstruction of skylights, which is used in system certified company ATYP group, Ltd. Hlučín. Arc skylights made from lightweight and highly durable construction made of aluminum profiles, which are glazed panels of cellular polycarbonate. Ventilation solve ventilation wings or ventilation turbine. Alternatively skylight is equipped with a system RWA. The strength and size of airfoils structure is designed according to statics and area. Thickness and coloration of polycarbonate skylights chosen with optimizing the energetic effect of the finished work. For existing saddle skylights replaced with armored glass, polycarbonate sheets and thus achieve a significant reduction of heat loss and also lightening the roof jacket. Our skylights for its energy saving, long life and low maintenance costs is one of the most popular on the market.



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