Sheating and hanging facades

We are specialists in roof especially large hall buildings

The company is engaged in complex solutions of ventilated facades using a variety of advanced materials, including a detailed elaboration of the technical requirements of the investor.


We provide customers with repair and reconstruction of the shells of buildings in the following ways:

Fluted shell

Sheathing and insulation in buildings, this system is made of steel C-cassettes, thermal insulation and corrugated sheets. Installation of corrugated metal sheets can be performed in both horizontal and vertical direction according to the color requirements of the investor.


Aluminium cladding system

This easily adjustable aluminum cladding system is used mainly for the facade of representative and administrative buildings. It offers a wide assortment of fillings - glass, polycarbonate, solid panels, folding panels.


The facade of the cement-fiber boards

We provide a ventilated façade of cement-fiber boards Cembonit, Silbonit, Eternit, which is formed by a natural facade appearance with inimitable texture. This type of coating is suitable for both office and residential construction, but also for industrial development with its unique properties. This lining is resistant to pests, mold and rot.


The facade of alucobonds boards

Facades of bonded panels are designed for large-scale production of components for building shells with representative appearance and interior lining. These ventilated facades stand perfect flatness and high level of finish, guaranteeing a long durability and color fastness.
Apart from use on new buildings represent a ventilated façade is also an ideal material for reconstruction, where the aim is "new face" for the existing building, then i usually present insulation of existing buildings, according to current thermal insulation criteria. Easy installation, low weight and high strength plates, variability of sizes and shapes - all this enables short implementation deadlines and budget savings.
This type of casing meets the requirements of various fire.
We provide a ventilated façade of a material Alucobond, ALPOLIC® Reynobond, Saraybond, Gutbond.


Facade of compact discs and Fundermax Trespa

Our goal is to offer customers a high quality of work delivered products and services. We have developed a custom skylight system and established cooperation with suppliers of high quality materials so that we can provide customers with the highest possible guarantees both the materials and the quality of work performed

The facade of corten sheet, enameled glass and expanded metal gratings


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