Polycarbonated walls

We are specialists in roof especially large hall buildings

The roof lights have a significant impact on the optimization of the working environment inside the building, a significant saving of both light and heat energy. On the roof lights were used armored glass or glass kopility, which in terms of thermo-insulating been blown away just polycarbonate boards. In addition, you can use polycarbonate with different color shades or in frosted. Thus we are able to deal with unwanted glare workers, and reduce the greenhouse effect.

Advantage glazing vertical walls komůrkovým polycarbonate is also in the flexibility of the material. There is no cracking due to movement of the building, which is the case with the aforementioned material frequent phenomenon, accompanied by increased leakage of heat from the object. Equally important advantage is the elimination of the possibility of an accident at work due to the disappearance of these heavy materials.




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